The High Mileage Week

This past Sunday, I had to drop my wife off at the airport to go work in New Orleans until Thursday night.  While she was gone, I did what every husband that is now "single" would do and went crazy. I decided I was going to try to break my PR for mileage in a week, which is currently 127. Below is my week's progress.

On my way back from the airport, I was going to run on some trails I read about. There was suppose to be a nice 10 mile loop around a lake.  It was about 70 degrees and I found the trail. Unfortunately, there were more spider webs then I wanted to deal with so I just ran on the road that went around the lake. The loop was around 6.37 miles..... so I did it three times and called in a 20 miler.  It was easily the hilliest 16+ miler I've ever done. 

I got up before work and did a chilled 12 miles. It was really hot so I took it very easy. 

In the afternoon, my car said it was 104 degrees, so I waited until 8 to get my afternoon 10 miles in.  It was actually "nice" when it was 96 and shady. 

That morning I did a 10 mile run in about an 1:06 minutes. Just cruised, felt a lot better then on Monday. 

That afternoon I went ahead and ran also. I had to again, wait until 7:30 to run because it was 100+ with the sun out. I felt good and cruised took 65 minutes to run it.

This is my mid-week longish day.  I did a new 15 mile loop and it went pretty well. I think the mileage is catching up to be so I really made sure to take it easy. In the afternoon I ran right after work and was lucky to get half of it with cloud cover.  I did an easy 10 in about 90 degree weather.This brings my total to 87 miles so far. 

This morning I did one of my standard 10 mile loops.  It was pretty humid. I then got home and made an awesome omelet. 

In the afternoon, I ran another easy 10 in the heat because I was suppose to head to the airport around 8pm to pick up my wife.  Long story short, her flight got cancelled until Friday at 11pm.  This brings my total to 107. 

I got up and did a chill 12 miler. I did one of my standard loops and not much happened. 

In the afternoon I ran another nice 10 miler in the afternoon. It was still really hot outside but at this point, I pretty much got used to it all. Finally picked up the wife and got home around 2am.  I'm not up to 129, already beating my previous week's record of 127 with a day to spare. 

I just did an easy 12 miler. I was thinking of 15 but I just really didn't have the desire. I got up at 8 to start and it was already really toasty. I finished it, was pretty beat, but got my 141 miles in for the week. It was awesome

Total Miles: 141
Aprox. Time: 15hrs and 30 minutes
Aprox. Calories burned: 16,000. 
Meal of choice: Ravioli 
Average Morning Temp: 77 F
Average Afternoon Temp: 95 F